Spring Died

I know my last post was one of hope of spring, but I’m beginning to think spring has died.


These tress are supposed to be filled with leaf buds.

Winter birds returning is a sure sign that spring is on the way, but this year migrant birds seem confused.


These geese and swans are patiently waiting for the ice to melt so they can have lunch.


This goose is thinking he made a wrong turn during the flight home. This is not the way he remembered his patch of land.


This is an eagle’s nest and there is usually an eagle sitting on the edge keeping an eye on the new hatching.


If you look closely, you’ll see an eagle’s white head and yellow beak. Mom and Dad have been sitting for the last month. I’m sure the babes are well hatched. Now Mom and Dad are keeping them from freezing to death.

There is a roomer that it will be in the fifties next week. I hope it’s more that a roomer.

What is spring like for you this year?