Travel Theme: Beaches

On the blog Where’s My Backpack the photo challenge of Travel Theme is Beaches.

Most photos are of some place exotic place with majestic waves and sunsets or sunrises painted by the gods.

Yeah well, I live in Minnesota where, this year, winter has been having a difficult time giving up its hold. It’s the middle of May and some lakes still have ice.

On Saturday May 11, 35 mph winds came roaring out of Canada and slammed into Lake Mille Lacs in Northern Minnesota. The winds pushed what was left of the ice onto shore.

Here is a photo taken by Cheryl K-B and submitted to Kate 11 TV.

Ice Wall Cheryl Kelly-Bowman
I tried to post the video, but I couldn’t. The best I could do is give you a link to it. I advise lowering your volume. The voice is way too loud.

Click On Shore Ice to see video.