Warriors Three

The Miller brothers were climbing along the Mississippi Bluffs when they found a large bolder buried in the side of a bluff. The bolder was twelve feet height and four feet wide (3.4X1.2 meters).

“Wow,” Vinnie said. “That’s one big piece of rock.” img_1684

“How come we’ve never seen it before?” Cody asked. “Where did it come from?”

“There’s been a lot of flooding as of late,” Eric said. “All that water must have unearthed it.”

A crack ran the entire length, from top to bottom. It wasn’t straight, but curved back and forth.

Cody ran his fingers along the crack at eye level. “They fit together too neatly. It looks like they are two separate pieces that someone has fit together.”

His brothers came to stand next to him.

“Looks like it to me,” Vinnie said. “I wonder if it’s a door of some kind.”

“Like to another world?” Cody asked hopefully.

“Don’t be ridicules,” Eric said.

In defiance to his big brother, Cody stepped back and stood with his feet apart, hands on his hips, and in a loud voice declared, “Open sasame!”

Eric started to laugh at his little brother’s foolishness when the bolder moved. The ground shook clumps of dirt and rocks out of the bluff and dropped them to the river below.

The brothers almost tumbled downhill as well.

The bolder split apart so they could see through it.

On the other side, the sky was deep blue with a hit of purple. The white clouds reflected pink. There the sun was setting.

“It is another world,” Vinnie said in awe.

“Let’s check it out.” Cody jumped through the opening.

Vinnie quickly followed.

Eric, who was the older and who had been charged by his parents with keeping a protective eye on his younger brothers, followed reluctantly.

Once through, they stood in another world.

“How is this possible?” Eric asked.

“Magic,” Vinnie said. “We’re in a world were magic rules. Here anything can happen.”

They stood looking over hill country with green rolling hills. The place didn’t look magical.

The bolder they’d just walked through stood straight out of the ground. To their left were more large rocks, with cracks stretching along their length.

“I wonder if those rocks lead to other worlds,” Eric said. He considered checking them out, but he was the oldest, he was supposed to be the responsible one, so he didn’t.

“If magic brought us here, it must be for a reason,” Cody said.

“Like saving the world?” Vinnie said excitedly.

“Yea, and saving a princess,” Cody said.

“Just one princess?” Vinnie asked.

Cody laughed. “O.K., three princesses.”

Eric realized it might not be a good idea to let his brothers go looking for too much excitement. They might get lost, or worse, get hurt. He’d be blamed if anything happened to them. “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said. “It’s going to be dark soon. The sun is already setting. Maybe we should head back.”

No sooner were the works out of his mouth than the rock slammed closed.

“Ah, that’s not good,” Vinnie said.

“I think Magic wants us to stay,” Cody said, a little too enthusiastically.

Eric patted the rock with his palm. “Open up,” he said. “Open, open, open.”

“That’s not how you do it,” Vinnie said.

Eric stepped back, placed his hands on his hips, spread his feet shoulder width apart, and commanded, “Open sasame!”


Vinnie tried.


Cody took his place in front of the rock. It had obeyed him once, “Open sasame!” but not this time. “Looks like we’re stuck here,” he said.

“More like trapped,” Vinnie said.

They heard a strange noise behind them.

Eric looked over his shoulder. “Ah, shit.” He turned back to the rock. “We’re in trouble.”

Vinnie turned partly around. “Ah man, I was hoping for dragons, wizards, or vampires even, but not this.”

Cody did a complete about face. His eyes lit up in excitement. A wicked grin of anticipation spread across his face. He rubbed his hands together. “All right,” he said. “Zombies.”

 The End


This post was inspired by VastlyCurious‘ Photo.

The characters were inspired by three friends who work at Miller Chev and are fans of the TV Zombie series, The Walking Dead.

The personalities of my characters in no way reflect the true nature of my friends at Miller. Those at Miller are worse. ;0)