This blog is supported by a group of people who express their mental difficulties in photography. They produce some beautiful and creative images. Check it out.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photos taken by first-time contributor Laura K. who lives in the UK. She is currently finishing her A2 exams and will be going to university next year to study art. Laura has experienced anxiety and panic attacks brought on by chronic pain syndrome in her hip last year.

About these photos: “This was for my A2 Exam and I had the topic of ‘Transformations.’ I chose to focus on people with Bipolar, as not many people are aware of it, and I was interested in the ways people who have it go from one to another of different emotions. I asked people around at school and they all had very varied uncertain views on it, and after reading blogs of people who have the condition, who felt they needed to hide away, I wanted to create art to show them that they don’t have to, they can still be the same and…

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