Miss Me?

I didn’t post last week. Did you miss me? Did you notice that all was quiet?

We had a big rainstorm and most of the cities and surrounding areas went dark. Some 600,000 people were without power.

I’d been editing my book and had just turned the computer off, and about eight minutes later, the lights went out.

I thought they’d come right back on, but no. I finally realized I should get my flashlight out, by then it was dark and it wasn’t where the flashlight was. I used the light on my cell phone to find it.

Lights were still out on Saturday morning. The word was power would not be back on until Tuesday, then Monday, then by 5:30 PM Saturday night, but no one was really sure.

I didn’t want to lose the food in my freezer.

Most people in my apartment complex went for a drive to see what was open and buy ice.

I called work to see if they had electricity, they did. So I took my frozen food and put it in the freezer at work. Then I came home and cleaned my freezer by flashlight and candlelight. I threw out food that I’d forgotten was in there and wiped the whole thing down. How often do you get the chance to clean your freezer?

I stopped for breakfast at Perkins near work and planned to go to a potluck for dinner at a friend’s house, but those friends were out of power too, so they cancelled. I was unsure what I was going to do for dinner.

Since I couldn’t get on my computer, I did those things one plans to get around to doing, like cleaning the freezer.

There was a light in the hallway that needed changing. It had been out for a few days. I’d remember it when I turned it on and I’d think, “I have to change that bulb.” But I was always heading out the door at the time and I’d forget about it by the time I got back home. So I changed it.

I repotted an African Violet plant in African Violet soil. I cleaned out my closet and packed up the good stuff to give to charity.

In all, it turned out to be a good day.

The lights came back on in the middle of Saturday afternoon, but by then I was on to other things and didn’t get back to my computer, hence no post.

I also didn’t have any food since it was all at work. So I went grocery shopping.

I think all power were back on by late Wednesday.

The day reminded me of when I was growing up in Louisiana.

We lived two miles out of town in the country, 68 miles due north of the Gulf of Mexico.

When there is a hurricane in the gulf, it rains in Southern Louisiana. When the hurricane hit our coat, and came on shore, even though the storm lost a lot of its power, we still got heavy rains and hard winds.

After the storm passed, we usually didn’t have electricity, and because we lived in the county, it could take a week before the power came back on.

Our water came from our personal well pump, which needed electricity to run. We’d be out of water.

Before the storm, we’d store water for dinking and some in the bathtub to flush unmentionables. We’d go to someone’s house to bathe.

I’m sure we could have stay with someone, but mom wanted to stay home.

Once a neighbor, who lived two archers away, helped us out by stringing a number of extinction cords to our backdoor so we could have electricity.

It was kind of an adventure.

The thing I remember the most, is the kindness of friends.

This time around, all I needed was a vacant freezer, but if I would have needed it, I have friends who would have taken me in until I could go home.

The lesson here is: Life is easier with friends. Take good care of the ones you have.