Friday fictioneers: Kathy’s Goat

Kathy always wanted a goat. goats_and_graves_3_randy_mazie

When she moved to the Colorado Rockies, she bought her goat.

Goats like to investigate by chewing on things, like Kathy’s garbage and Kathy’s neighbor’s garbage.

All car doors were closed, but one back door window was opened. That door is now permanently scared. The goat chewed on a handbag, sports jacket, and an $80 leather boot. Only one; the goat pooped on the other.

Few fences can contain the spirit of an explorer.

Once Kathy tracked the goat 6 miles to the town’s graveyard where it ate memorial flowers.

Kathy now owns a big white goose.

The End


I know a Kathy who lives in the Colorado Rockies. She always wanted goats. I think at one time she did have some goats, but they never gave her this much trouble.


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