Novel Update: Finishing Up

New my novel, The People of Akiane, is going under major changes.

As I’ve said before, it’s too long. Part of my story editor’s plan was to help me shorten it. But there have been too many places where I needed more description or background information. By the time we were halfway through, I’d added 2,000 more words.

The editor, Pat, said we’d finish the novel first then we’d cut stuff out.

But I’d been thinking … always a dangerous thing for an author to do.

I suggested we turn my book into two novels. I planned to add two chapters I had taken out to help shorten the story. I also planned to write 3 new chapters. And I’d write the captain’s log explaining what happened when the colonists first landed on Akiane.

Pat liked the idea. We decided on a good place to end the first novel.

I emailed my publisher, North Star Press, to see if they liked the idea.

They did.

So now I’m furiously working on all the new stuff, which Pat will read. After I’ll make the corrections, I’ll filter the new chapters into the story. We will reread the whole thing through again and make final corrections and additions.

Lastly, I’ll give the novel to a professional line editor and I’ll make those corrections.

The plan is to finish this as quickly as possible so I can get it to the publisher so they can prepare it for next year’s publication. MY due date for then is November 1.

All this to say, I’m not going to be blogging until I’ve finished with the new additions work.

Of course once finished, we start on the second book with the plan of having it ready by the end of the year so the publisher can have it.

Then I can start on the next novel.

But I’ll return to my blog as soon as I’m finished writing all the new stuff. That shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks. I’ll be back by the 2nd week in August.

See you then. ;0)