Novel Update

I promised to be back by now, but things have not worked out as planned. DSCF2031

I’m not sure how I managed to do it, but I did finish all the rewrites and new stuff. You can read about them in the previous post.

You know how life goes along fairly normally, then everything happens at once? Well I’ve had an August of “everything happening at one.” It’s been a fun month, but a busy one.

Some good friends got married, on the same day, pretty much the same time. I made it to both receptions. A couple of out of town friends came in town for a visit on different weeks. Three other friends who live out of country, but have been in the States for the summer, wanted to get together for the last time before the left. And in between I’ve been writing and working and doing the normal life stuff.

Anyway, I laid my book out one chapter at a time across my living room floor so I could see it and decide where the new stuff should go. (I can do this because I live alone. There is no one to object or walk/run through it.)

Next I will arrange everything in my computer. My editor and I will reread the novel to make sure everything flows well.

I love saying, “my editor,” “my publisher.” It makes me feel so professional. ;0)

Lastly a line editor will read it to catch all spelling and grammar errors.

All this must be finished no later than November 1 of this year so it will be published next year.

Which means, I’m not yet back to my blog. I want to finish reading first. I have to say I miss expressing myself for all to read. I also miss reading what you are up to and viewing photographs of faraway places I dream of visiting one day.

Once this novel is finished, I’m taking a break. My editor and I will start in on the second book in January. We started this book in late May, which is why we are crunching for time now. Next year we’ll start right away. I hope to have it finished by summer.

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