Novel Update: I did it!

DSCF2032 This is my hand picking up the last chapter of my novel. I’m finished with the first book of my two book series.

It was a long 4 month haul, reading and rewriting. Then in the middle of July, we decided to make my one novel into two novels. I writing a whole bunch of new stuff and rereading it all again.

You can read more of what I accomplished in my last two updates: Finishing Up and Novel Update.

So I’m back to my blog. This week I’ll be posting once again.

I’m actually tired of writing write now. I’m sure it won’t take long for me to get over that.

I plan to take a break from the second novel and get seriously into it in January. In the mean time, I’m told I should be on FaceBook and have a professional web page.

I’m going to join Toastmasters and practice giving speeches for when I go on the road to book stores and libraries, and such. I was pretty good at it in high school, but that was a ways ago.


Read more about Self-Publishing and Marketing. Those posts talk about my long journey of getting a publisher, deciding not to have a publisher and deciding to go a head with a publisher. I’m glad I did. I had enough to do with rewriting my novel. I’ll let them design a cover, the inside of the novel, and print it. I’m tired.