I Have Been Ruined!

This post is totally off topic, but blogging is about expressing one’s thought. So here goes …

I’m originally from Southern Louisiana, as the crow flies, 68 miles due north of the Gulf of Mexico. We invented hot and humid and export it to the rest of America. Houston, Texas is not as humid.

In Minnesota, where I now live, they count the number of days it’s in the 90’s F. As of today, we’ve had 19 days. Not all in a row, but spread out from mid-July until the beginning of September.

No one counts the days of 90’s in the south. It’s hot from end of June until the first cold front in the Fall – September to mid-October. A cold front down there is 70 degrees F.

As a child, I was out in it every day. Even as an adult, I could bike 15 miles and not break a sweat.

When I first moved up here, I laughed when someone complained that it was in the 80’s and hot. I loved it when it was truly hot in the 90’s and humid. I came alive and wanted to be out in it.

I learned to sweat after I came up north. There are 8 months of cool temps so a few days of humidity and I sweat, but not enough to keep me inside.

But I’ve lived in Minnesota for over 20 years and this is the first time in my life that I’ve had enough and welcome air-conditioning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still outside, but now just a 45-minute walk, I  feel the humidity, and I work up a sweat.

On the flip side, in the south, when it dropped into the low 60’s I grab for a jacket. Now I might be outside playing in 18 degrees above zero F.

I’ve been ruined.