Travel Theme: Deep

Each week the blog Where’s My Backpack posts a photography word for the week on Travel Theme. This week it’s Deep.

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Earlier in the week a couple of friends and I took a little trip in search of fall colors. We went to a state park along the St. Croix River.

Fall colors are sometimes difficult to find. We were a week too early. Some trees were in full bloom, but most were just turning.

We planned on hiking along the river, but instead, we climbed on and over large rock formations and went deep into one of them that was formed by water when the river was very much higher.


St. Croix River starts in Wisconsin, flows along the boarder of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and continues into the Mississippi River.

See no fall colors.


We had to climb up the rock formation before we could climb down into it. This is my shadow looking down. “Hi.”





Now we are deep inside looking up. I was hoping for a face to look in, but none showed up while we were there.