Novel Update: I’m not the center of the universe

This novel should have been finished a month ago, but my editor has other clients, a family, and a life. Therefore I had a couple of week’s delay before she was able to read my manuscript.

She read the first half of the book and gave it to me, which I corrected and sent to the proofreader. Seems she too has a life, which includes a daughter, school, and work. She was having trouble getting to my manuscript. Because I’m not the center of anyone’s universe, but mine, I had to wait my turn. That can be a bit humbling and a little frustrating.

Even if it was the beginning of October, I was beginning to get nervous that I’d miss the publisher’s November 1 deadline.

Instead of allowing the frustrated creep into anger, I stopped, took a deep breath and listened to what was really going on.

I realized this would be the last time I’d have a chance read the manuscript before I sent it on to the publisher. My original plan was just to make the corrections, I hadn’t thought to do a last read through. I just wanted to be finished.

Well I made the corrections my editor suggested then I sat down and read my novel. And of course, I made more changes.

(Side note: Once this book is published, I resolve never to read it again. Because if I do, I’ll want to make more changes. I can just hear me saying:  “I could have said that better.” “I forgot to say this.” “Oh, my god, what did I do?”

No. Once published it is finished and complete with no more read throughs and no new re-writes!)

As I was reading, I decided I wanted to do more character development on two of the main characters. If I did that and gave it back to my editor, I’d miss the deadline. I had to decided which was more important, the deadline or the quality of the book.

The book is good enough as is, but the extra work would make it better. I chose the book.

I told the proofreader to stop reading. I would miss the November 1 deadline, but I would meet the next one. Instead of the book coming out in June of 2014, it would come out in September 2014. Not a long wait, it’s just that I was working so hard to be finished by November 1, 2013.

I called the publisher and we had a nice long talk. I could make the changes and still turn the manuscript in on time, even if my editor didn’t read it first. Because once the publisher got a hold of it, they will read it and will also have changes.

This book is a never-ending story, or should I say never-ending re-writes.

All these re-writes used to really bother me. I had little hope that the book would ever see the light of a printing press. But once a publisher picked it up, the re-writes are not as bad. (though I will be glad when I’m finished.) I know there is an end and it will be published.

I am greatly looking forward to that day!


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