Posting on FaceBook

I have been posting this blog to my personal Facebook page so my friends can see what I’m up to. I have started an author FB page and will be moving my blog postings to that page. I was hoping to post on both pages, but WrodPress will not let me. Those friends who which to continue to follow my blog, please join my new page.

There are many people who follow my blog, but can not leave comments or press the “like” button to let me know they have been to my page. If I when public with this blog, then those people could leave comments. But that would mean I’d have to leave the WordPress Community. I like being apart of WPC so I’m staying and starting a FB page for the rest of the world to join.

There are some 500 Phyllis Moores on FB. I wanted my name to standout so my new author Facebook page is Phyllis Moore’s Myths.

In January 2014, I’ll launch a professional author web page called Phyllis Moore’s My publisher, North Star Press, has agreed to allow me to post the beginning of my novel, Pegasus Colony, on the web page with the option to prebuy a signed copy at a lower cast. The book will be mailed two weeks before publication date.

Click on North Star Press to view other books you may be interested in reading.