Another Dystopian Science Fiction

My good friend Cassandra Amesley is writing her version of a dystopian science fiction novel. But her disaster influences three different planets where the natural order of things is on the verge of crumbling. When one planet is fixed it affects the health of the other two.

If you like science fiction with a little magic mixed in, you’ll like this one.

She is posting the novel Mirim’s Gates on her blog.

Mirim is the main character who creates a portal, or gate, to another planet with magic. The gods have called him to save the universe, he’d rather find a nice place to hide out. The gods have also provide him with a team of people from the three planets to help him fulfill his mission.

She’s starting the story with some background information of the characters and their perspective worlds. Of the three worlds, one is Earth, one is peaceful (or so they say), and one is warrior world (though not all are in agreement to a perpetual war).

If you are interested, click on Mirim’s Gates and enjoy,