Novel Update: I Need Your Help

I’m trying to pick a cover for my book Pegasus Colony. Here are some of my choices. Which do you prefer? The novel is science fiction. It’s Earth’s first galactic colony in the Pegasus Galaxy.

I know I’m supposed to post a pole, but it’s late at night and I’m too tired to think.

My publisher wants me to decide soon. So I’m going to sip the pole and ask you to please leave a comment. If you are not a member of WordPress, you can leave your opinion on my Facebook page, Phyllis Moore’s Myths.

Thank you for your help.

stock-photo-163222-m-667-spacescape                                                      Number 1

stock-illustration-21179121-eclipse-space-background                              Number 2


stock-illustration-11444038-sun-rising-over-a-dark-icy-planet                              Number 3


stock-illustration-26130104-abstract-sunrise                               Number 4