Friday Fictioneer: The Fog

The day started clear then the fog rolled in, and the sun became an uneven ball. The far end of the bridge through the swamp disappeared. In the same manner, all those fantasy stories of werewolves, zombies, and vampires came rolling into my mind. I smiled at the foolishness.


Copyright – Erin Leary –

Behind me, the wooden bridge creaked.

I heard soft footsteps.

Turning to see, I saw no one.

Heavier footsteps vibrated beneath my feet.

Logic evaporated. Suddenly those fantasies became all too vividly real.

I ran.

I never made it home. For you see, werewolves, zombies, and vampires are real.

The End


Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a 100 word story from a picture prompt. It’s hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, anyone can play. Click on Friday Fictioneer to read more of my stories. Click on the blue face and read more of other people’s stories about this photo.