Storybook Corner: Pet Frog

Sam’s dad died when he was little. He spent most of his life growing up on an army base with his mom. When he was five years old, Mom was deployed overseas. He went to live with his Aunt Sherrie.

Sam wanted a pet.

Aunt Sherrie was allergic to dogs.

Sam was allergic to cats.

A snake then.

Certainly not! Snakes have a habit of escaping their cage.

No to a turtle, lizard, a lama, goat, horse, or tiger.



And so the argument went for months. Sam cried, stamped his feet and pitch temper tantrums. Nothing helped. Aunt Sherrie would not give in.

One day while Sherrie was having a peaceful day inside reading a novel, Sam was having a peaceful day outside in the back yard. Sherrie should have been suspicious, but she was unaware of the dangers of a peaceful afternoon.

Sam entered the kitchen in his usual muddy state. Only this time in his two muddy hands, he held a large frog. img_47681

“No!” Sherrie frantically declared. “That thing is not coming in my house.”

Tears immediately sprang from Sam’s eyes. These were not the usual fake, crocodile tears, they were real, erupting from a broken heart. Little five-year-old Sam had fallen head over heals in love with the frog. He honestly could not give him up.

Sherrie’s resolve broke.

They put the frog in a box he could not get out of.

After Sam took a bath, they bought an aquarium, rocks and food. They set the aquarium up, place the rocks in it and filled it with the appropriate amount water. The frog had a new home.

It was happy day when Mom returned safe and in one piece. But they could not take the frog.

Sam was sad, but he had his mom. There were few tears.

Sherrie intended to release the frog. It would be happier in the pond with its friends. But she couldn’t. She knew it was ridicules, but there it was.

She took a selfie, sent the picture to her nephew and changed her facebook status to, “Now have a pet frog named Sam.”

The End


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