I Never Wanted to Self Publish

Technically it’s easier to self publish through Amazon, but if I’m going to do self publish, it’s in my nature not to take the easy road. I’m starting my own publishing company.

Originally, I wanted to publish in the traditional manner, by going through a publishing house. I knew better than to try a large company. They receive hundreds of manuscripts per day. If they did pick me, I’d have three months to prove myself.

It would be easier to be seen by a small publishing house, and they would give me years to prove myself.

I found local a company and in the last days of December of 2012, I submitted my proposal on a Saturday. On the following Tuesday, they called to say yes, they were interested in my book.

In December of 2013, they decided I was too science fiction for them and it might be best if I found a different publishing house.

My first reaction was one of disappointment. My second reaction was more positive.

Because of them, I joined the Midwest Independent Publishers Association, found a story editor, together we rewrote my book, and I hired a public relations person to help with marketing.

I started a marketing plan and a design for my webpage.

In the last year because of the publishing house I had accomplished more than I would have with out them. The year with them was positive.

I’m not a controlling person, but in the same year, I learned that I like to be in control of my book and its outcome.myth logo_edited-1

So instead of looking for another publisher, I started my own publishing company, Myth Rider Publishers. I even have a logo. It’s a fairy quill designed by Rhys Christopher Ethan.

My novel is Pegasus Colony, which I’ll tell you more about it in future posts. Soon I’ll have a web page up.