Daily Prompt: That Darn Cat

Today, The Daily Prompt is: An Odd Trio. “Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.”


That Darn Cat


Image from Petfinder

I had to buy a new beach towel. No matter where I hid it, that cat found and confiscated it.

Whenever I made a bowl of soup, a bowl of ice cream or had a tuna sandwich, I had to make enough for the both of us. She was relentless.

That cat come with the apartment. Someone had left her behind. I thought, “How cruel,” and naively took her in.

But after three months, I seriously considered moving and leaving that cat behind!

One night, she started to howl and would not shut up.

I tried to feed her. Not interested.

I tried to hold and console her. She bit and scratched me.

I tried to throw her outside … and that’s when I smelled it.

Smoke for the adjoining apartment.

I called the fire department.

My neighbor had left a pan on the stove and forgot it. Her fire alarm batteries were dead.

The building had been in danger of burning down, but my beautiful, intelligent cat saved us all.

I think I’ll keep her.

The End


This story is not me, but the cat is real. Someone did leave her behind and she did save the building.

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Image from Petfinder.