Monumental Day

I have finally finished my novel. There were times when I thought this day would never come. There were times when I was so fed up with it I never wanted to see it again. Then someone would come along side and encourage me to keep at it.

I started this book at the very beginning of my writing career when I didn’t know how to write. Not that I know it all now, but I have improved dramatically since then.

The story has changed a lot. It was years before it all fell into place.

For instance, I was unclear as to why the planet in another constellation was so important. I thought it was for natural resources, but that would be for too expensive. Now I know it was because of national pride, politics and religion. Seems small, but wars have been launched because of all three.

The main character was a man, an archeologist, named Shawn Something (I forget what). One writer’s group said he didn’t sound like and archeologist. Someone suggested he be a she in the Space Force Service. After some thought, I realized it was a good suggestion.

I wanted the main character to go on an expedition against his will. As a civilian, Shawn could say no, but in the service Jessica have to obey orders. So Shawn became Lt. Jessica M. Hewett.

The name of the planet changed from Asa – sounded too much like Asia – to Asear – too difficult to pronounce – to Akiane – Russian for ocean, which was perfect since it’s mostly an ocean planet.

The title changed from Ice World – too much like the movie Water World – to Asear’s Mysteries, to Mysteries of An Alien Planet, to Pegasus Colony. The colony is in the Pegasus Constellation. Pegasus Colony book cover

During one rewrite, a good friend told me my character was too boring and she didn’t care what happened to Jessica.

It was the best thing she could have said. I put the book aside and worked on something else. I improved my skills and came back to it better prepared.

I’ve worked on several other projects that are now waiting for my return.

It seems like it’s been decades and decades since I started Pegasus Colony, but it’s only been years.

The book has had a long road, three different writer’s groups, several friends read it and gave their opinions, one engineer, a professional editor, and six proofreaders, but it made it and is now with a book designer.

What is a book designer? It’s someone who takes a manuscript and puts it in book form.

Book launch for Pegasus Colony is February 2015.


You can read more about Pegasus Colony by clicking on My Novel Pegasus Colony.