The Realities of Self-Publishing

I spent one entire day on the phone and filling out forms on the computer.

OK, it wasn’t every second of the day, but it sure felt like it.

I started the day by calling GoDaddy with questions and got a few things straightened out.

I’d received a letter from the state demanding my new publishing company pay taxes. I called to say they could demand all they wanted, but I hadn’t so much as printed a book, let alone sell anything.

In which case I learned I had online forms to fill out. Now I’m good to pay taxes as soon as I have money. Joy.

Next I went to Copyright web page and filled out more forms. I must have typed the same information at least five times. Then just as I was about to post my book, I got a phone call.

We chatted a little too long and the site closed on me. Fine. Get back to it later.

I moved on to the Library of Congress, but they wanted my ISBN number first.

I had questions for ISBN, so I called. Got the information I needed, bought product and began filling out forms.

Forms are not short. NO! They are pages and pages long, wanting information that I didn’t have and/or didn’t understand. But I’ve learned I can go back later and fill in the blank spaces.

I didn’t finish. By late afternoon, I’d had enough. I wanted a nap, but I was too wired, so I went for a walk.

As I started out, I thought, “This is why I never wanted to have my own business. I hate the details of running a business.”

But as I walked and relaxed, a sense of accomplishment came over me.

Up until then when anyone asked me if I was excited about my book, I had to say, “Not really.” It didn’t seem real.

Now reality was settling in.

Since that day, all forms are finished, my book and cover are copyrighted, I have assigned an ISBN number to my novel, and I have applied for a Library of Congress number.

I’m feeling a sense of excitement. My book will be published and I’m the publisher.


Launch date is February 2015. I plan to start pre-selling in a couple of weeks.

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