From Melt Down to Yea

Last Thursday, I had a slight melt down. I was upset with my book designer, web designer, me, and God. My book Pegasus Colony should have been finished a month ago, but no.

Ultimately, it was all my fault.

I planned to do the web design myself, but come August, when I still had not even started on it, I decided to hire some one.

I called my choice of person the day before he left on his family vacation.

He asked if I’d be interested in using a friend’s hosting service.

I said fine.

Web guy came back from vacation the day host guy went on vacation.

Host guy returned home to family health problems. Then he decided he was getting out of the hosting business.

Web guy and I settled on a well-established hosting company. Adumie

Three weeks have now pasted.

I wanted to put a QR Code in the back of the book so people could find my web site. But the QR Code can’t be initiated until the site is live.

So finally a page saying the site is coming, it up. I initiated the code and placed it at the end of the manuscript.

Book designer suggested we make a paper proof to see if all is right before the printer made a galley. If there were any mistakes then, it would cost me $24 a page.

So we made a paper proof.

And that’s when things went wrong. It was almost as if someone was purposely screwing things up. Every time we made a new proof something else was off. We finally got it all together by the fourth proof.

And three more weeks have past!

We should have done the proofing while we were waiting on the web page.

The web would have been up long before August only if I had decided sooner to hire a web designer. I would have had my QR code, we would have finished proofing by September, and I’d already have a published book.

Hence the melt down.


This is a different week …

I’m in a much better mood.

My manuscript is finished and today, Tuesday, October 7, 2014, I sent it, along with the cover, to the printer. Yea!

It won’t be long now!


Drawing is by Tom Nealson of Midwest Miniature Guy.

Tom paints miniatures for role playing games.

This drawing is of one of the main characters, Adumie. A high priest who wants those of Earth off his planet.