Getting There

I have a friend who is now my administrator. She is a God sent. I Pegasus Colony book coverhate all the eminence detail that I haven encountered with putting my book online.

She came over today and we spend 2 hours and 40 minutes on the computer entering data and on the phone making sure I understand what data was needed.

A good part of that time was for my future ebook.

I now have two new ISBN Numbers for two different ebooks platforms. Then I up loaded my manuscript to Vook of Bower where one buys ISBN numbers.

Soon my book will be on Kobo, Baker & Tyler, Apple, Amazon and Barns & Noble.

My ebook will be every where.

I’ll let you know when all is finished and you can get Pegasus Colony as an ebook.


Drawing by Tom Nelson





Jessica Hewitt just wanted to get her head on straight. She left Earth to get away from memories, family, friends, and her life. Now 28 light-years away, she might never see her family, friends or Earth again.