New year’s Goals

I had four main goals for 2014 all book related.

My first gaal was to start a publishing company, Myth Rider Publishersweb header

Second Goal was to publish my first novel Pegasus Colony.

Both of these goals were accomplished. Click on either to learn more.

I am happy to say that those who have read Pegasus Colony have loved it. Their only complaint … They want the next book now. They want to know what happens next. Good complaint to have. ;0)

Pegasus Colony book coverFor the first edition, I only printed 300 books with the intention of seeing what needed correcting There were a few corrections, which I made.

Then when I thought all was ready, I prepared to go on line, only to learn the manuscript wasn’t ready.

Six different people proofed the manuscript. The first four proofreaders made very good story suggestions, which I used to improve the story. After the fifth proofing, all seemed good and I published.

But one of my good friends who read a published book found mistakes. She was good enough to mark them and give the book back to me. I have since made those corrections.

The third goal was to have paper books and ebook, on line by the end of year. I have not quite made this goal, but everything is in the works.

The manuscript is now being converted into an ebook.

I’ve uploaded to Amazon and am waiting for the first printed proof to see if all is right.

The fourth goal was to finish the first rewrite of the second book. At one point, it looked like I was not going to meet this goal, but today, January 1, 2015, I’ve finished the first rewrite. ;0)

When things are slow at work, I get to read and edit my book. From Thanksgiving to New Years, things are usually slow. It was during this time I finished reading the first rewrite, but I had difficulty getting to the computer to make the changes.

When I finished reading through the manuscript at work, I started on the second read through.

I’m well into the second reread and not that I’ve finished editing the first rewrite, I’m ready to start editing the second rewrite.

My goal for 2015 it to sell thousands of books …

If one is to dream once must dream BIG.

My goal for 2015 is to sell millions of books. ;0) Much better.

Second goal is to finish and publish the second book Storm’s Coming.

So what goals have you successfully accomplished and what are you looking forward to?

Have great year!

Phyllis (MythRider)