Learn Something New

Everyday we should learn something new. Today I learned two things.

I went to the neighborhood Post Office to mail two books to two friends. I went in the middle of the afternoon thinking there would not be a line. I was wrong.

There was a 45 minute line. I stood in the foyer and waited only to learn it was always like this — One person working the counter who had only one sped, slow.

Standing around for no good reason is not in my nature. So I left. If the P.O. was not interested in servicing their customers I would go to the UPS store a couple of miles a way in a different city.

I was right. No line. But it was going to cost me $10 to mail one book. The P.O. charges $3. I left.

Guess I was going to have to learn to stand in line.

I went to the big P.O. a half a mile away from the UPS store. There was no line because there were three people working the counter. Much nicer.

I learned two things today.

First: the envelops to mail books are $0.99 at UPS and $1.50 at the Post Office.

Second: There’s no line in at the big Post Office.

So now I know, buy envelops at UPS. Skip the  neighborhood Post Office and mail books at the big Post Office.

What did you learn today?