Call Me Ishmael: War

This day’s Daily Post is: Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

Presently, my favorite book is The Spirit Lens by Carol Berg. It’s fantasy.

Here is the first line of her novel ad my short story:

Philosophers claimed the Blood Wars had irredeemably corrupted magic.

I’m inclined to believe it.

Magic is for the betterment of life. Even those who use black magic are not so cruel as those who used magic for war.

War does not look their enemy in the eye or know their name. In the hopes of conquering at all cost, war indiscriminately destroys whole villages in the hopes of killing a few individuals.

But for the first time both black and white magic put aside their differences and came together to stop the war.

With the help of white magic, black magic created a spell that would kill all warriors, but even they could not cast it. Too many would have died.

The spell was dissolved and a new one created, one that would change hearts. It would not just affect conquers, but of all who lived in the known world.

There was complete and utter peace, no war, no murders or thieving, no cheating in selling of good or of relationships. All should have been perfect, but such peace also brought complacency, and lack of incentive.

Magic drifted away and almost completely evaporated along with new inventions and creativity. Instead of moving forward in prosperity, the people were lulled into greater poverty.

The complications of life such, as diversity and hard work bring, a better life for all.

It’s the evil of heart that brings war and destruction. No spell can effectively change that. The heart much change on its own.

So with what little magic that was left, the spell that lasted for over four generations and had almost destroyed all of us, has been lifted.

Philosophers were right; war irredeemably changed magic. Magic irredeemably changed the world.

It is time for philosophers and those of magic not to war, but to learn from each other and to work together for the betterment of all kind. Only then will war come to and end and there be true peace.

 The End


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