Back of My Car

There was a time in America, if someone said they were selling something out of the back of their car, they were most likely selling stolen goods.

Back of My Car

Back of My Car

When I first publish my novel Pegasus Colony, friends immediately asked where they could get a book. I said out the back of my car. They laughed because they knew I had not stolen my book.

I always have books on hand. I never know when I’ll meet a perspective fan.

But now my book is not only available from the back of my car — It’s online. It’s on Amazon as a paperback and as an e-book on Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

I am getting favorable reports from those who have read my novel. Their only complaint is that they want the next book now and repeatedly ask when it will be ready? Unfortunately, it will not be ready for at least a year.

I’ve already written it, but now there are rewrites and editing.

After the second rewrite I hope to work with a professional story editor. Then there’s grammar and spelling corrections before it will be ready for publication.

Until then I’m happily marketing and getting great reviews.

You can check my book out in more detail at my website Moore’s Myths.

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