Storybook Corner: The Conquer

Do you hear laughter? It sounds like the wind. You can see its effects as 002the dust rises up in joyful dancing.

We came to conquer and for a time we did. We built homes and businesses and paved streets. We planted trees, grass and gardens that didn’t belong, but water them is if they did.

We danced, laughed and planed for the future.

In our dreams, we didn’t count on what plans she might hold for us. We didn’t count on years of drought or on flash floods when the rains did come. We didn’t count on our children not having the same dream as us.

Yes we conquered, but she won.

We have long since left. Our buildings have crumbled; our trees, grass and gardens have weathered; our greatest accomplishments have evaporated into forgotten dreams.

Only the desert remembers us. She remains as if we were never here.

Can you hear her laughing at us?

 The end


Storybook Corner is a monthly flash fiction prompt held on the 21st of each and every month. The challenge is to write a story based on the prompt below.

Storybook Corner is hosted by Adan Ickes.


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