Cold Iron by Anne Higa

22624271I just read Cold Iron. It’s a young adult fantasy novel written and self-published by Anne Higa. It’s the first book in the trilogy Elves & Magic.

On her 14th birthday, Lexis Bennet learns that she’s a fairy.

Lexis’ mother brings her to the fairy world where she meets the rest of her family and discovers her true identity as human and fairy. She must decide where she wants to live in the fairy realm or stay in the human realm. She decides to go back and forth, at least for now.

We see Lexis maneuver her way through high school while she’s introduced to her other life. We meet her friends, those who wish to manipulate her and those who will stand by her all cost. And we meet her enemies.

In Cold Iron, Lexis learns about family, true friendship and love. There’s also a mystery to be salved and bad guys to contend with. In all, it’s a good read. I recommend it.


I do want to say that I like the cover. The type could be more exciting, but I really like the proud fairy warrior standing in the portal looking back at us. It tells of a young woman who has found herself and who is self-assured. That’s exactly what Cold Iron is about, Lexis becoming that woman.