Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Today’s Daily Prompt is: A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news.

What’s more in the news than nations disagreement?

A house divided was one of the issues that helped solidify the back story in my novel, Pegasus Colony.

I wanted a good reason as to why World Space Coalition was created and failed. Thanks to media coverage of national pride and bickering leaders, I had my answer.

My novel is set in the future where folded space travel it possible, also known as Einstein-Rosen Bridge (EP) or the wormhole.

Worldwide countries pooled their recourses, scientists and money into a space program known as World Space Coalition. To keep neutrality, it was to be run by civilians and housed on the moon. WSC colonized the moon, Mars and Europa, a Jupiter moon.

Through the development of folded space, WSC found a habitable planet in the Pegasus Constellation. A galactic colony outside the Solar System was planned and just as they were ready for launch, national politics, egos and hurt feelings got in the way.

Brazil and Bolivia complained too few of their people were included as colonists.

China declared they’d provided the majority of financing and scientists, yet there was not one Chinese ship captain.

Islamic extremists questioned the morality of single women living in the new colony. They chose not to support the colony unless all women were married.

Countries began to withdraw their money and forcing their scientists out of WSC.

Despite the conflicts the colonists launched on time. WSC was positive once they sent word of their successful arrival, the project would again have worldwide support.

They were never heard from again. The project was abandoned.


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