Storybook Corner: Showdown

“I don’t want to go.” 003

“What do you mean?”

“I’m tired of running.”

“Do you know what they’ll do to us?”

“I don’t care. I’m going to stand my ground and fight.”

“You won’t win.”

Chelsea turned to look down the path. She knew what would happen if she stayed. It would be over.

She looked at the bridge. It wasn’t the adventure that scared her. It was the cowardice of running. Once they started running they would never be able to stop.

Better to die a hero than run like a coward.

“I’m staying.” She decided. “I’ll see this to the end.”

“And what am I supposed to do?” David asked.

“You have to go. Stand and fight for another day,” she said. “I’ll stop as many as I can.” It was the only way to insure final victory. They both knew it.

David nodded, gave her one last longing look and crossed the bridge.

He stood looking back. They surrounded her. He was no longer a consequence. But what was victory without her? He crossed back to stand at her side. They would go down together.

His brother, Thomas, aimed his gun at David’s chest, “You’re both dead.”

“Not quite,” Chelsea said.

David finally understood. The others had become complaisant. They’d expected an easy kill, not one last desperate stand.

With remarkable speed, Chelsea and he brought up their semiautomatics, and sprayed everyone.

“I think you’re dead,” Chelsea said smiling broadly.

Thomas looked at his paint-splattered chest. “Shit.”

The End


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