More Excitement

I was looking for a little more excitement in my life. I wasn’t interested in a dating service or a single’s group. So I checked in to an online organization called

The site lists groups with various interests for anyone to join. Interests such as: walking, biking, photography, dancing, gaming, just to name a few.

I settled on two outings, both of which I talked myself out of.

The first was Friday evening; a 3 mile walk around Lake Calhoun. It was on the opposite side of the cities from me. I was to drive through downtown, during rush hour, to get there. I wasn’t interested.

But I’d already committed to the event and I know how to get around traffic if it got too bad. So I went.

I didn’t knock anyone’s socks off and I certainly keep mind on. Nevertheless I had a good time and would go again.

I walk most afternoons by myself. This time I walked while socializing. We didn’t talk about anything special. We talked about stuff and got to know each other a little bit.

I also thought about going to Source Comic bookstore for an The Sourceafternoon of gaming.

After some consideration, I thought maybe not. It’s not like I’ll ever go again.

But Scott, a friend, and I had discussed going together. He was undecided if he’d be able to go. I decided if he called and said yes, I’d go, but if he said no, then no lose.

He called and said yes, so we I met him there, and had fun.

We played a card game, Three Cheers for Master. The game is so new it hasn’t even made it off the boat yet. It won’t be available until the end of the month. The general idea is to build a tower that is safe from attack while creating problems that will crumble the other players’ towers.

We played with people we’ll probably never see again, but who cares, we had fun. Now I want to play more games. Scott and I discussed more gaming opportunists with some other friends.

So my plan of more excitement worked. ;0)