What Lives Inside

A social film is a story told in short segments of a few minutes and is released in a social media venue.

Intel just produced an advertisement to prove how great Dell Venue 8  7000, is by showing what someone with a creative mind is capable of producing through a story told in 12-minute sections, “What Lives Inside.

Taylor’s father is a world famous puppeteer who has just died. Taylor has come home for the funeral and learns the truth of his father and the magical world he lived in.With the help of Dell Venue 8  7000, Taylor is able to explore that world.

The film then shows you how to use the pad through plot and character and an interesting adventure.

From Intel

From Intel

Obviously, one can’t go into the world one creates on Dell Venue 8  7000, but it certainly encourages one to invent a world they’d like to live in. Makes me want to try my hand at it.

It’s a brilliant concept. Even it you’re not in the mood for a new tablet, “What Lives Inside” is well worth the watch.