CAPTAIN’S LOG: Captain Faris Assetti


Here is the third installment of my science fiction novel Pegasus Colony.

It begins with Captain Richard Fontner’s Captain’s Log then Chapter 1 follows.



WSC Falcon

Captain Faris Assetti06rxde

On approach to Akiane

Year 2144, November 1


We had just arrived in Akiane’s star system, when we saw the explosion.

Eighty good men and women were lost on Eagle. There was nothing we could do to save any of them.


On the bridge

Falcons crew stood or sat in stunned silence.

“What just happened?” Assetti quietly asked.

No one moved.

“Ensign!” she demanded.

Ensign Kawn jumped. He shook his head, pulled his eyes from the window, and concentrated on the screen before him. His hand slowly raised then seemed to drift to the console.

“Ensign?” Assetti yelled.

“Yes, Captain. I…” His limp fingers pushed buttons. “It’s the gas planet, Mum. Both planets are in an elliptical orbit. Their paths cross every eleven years.”

“Yes, Ensign Kawn, this we already know.”

Kawn bowed his head. He pushed a few more buttons then said, “Together the planets create a gravitational pull. The force pulled Eagle apart.”

“Thank you,” Assetti said.



“We have picked up all data Eagle was streaming to WSC.”

“Save it. We’ll deal with it later.”


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The photo is of the Shuttle Explosion, taken from an Israeli Satellite in space.