Sunday Photo Fiction: The Storm

There’s an anchor in the middle of town. It came with the storm. Or rather, it appeared after the storm106-05-may-24th-2015 to pass over Aghalor. It was all that was left of the merchant ship The Cord. For all of time, there’s only been one storm from the Great Waters the caused such destruction. It almost whipped out the city.

Some say the storm was a product of a lover’s quarrel between the Storm God and the Goddess of the Sea.

It was more than that.

There was a quarrel, but it wasn’t of love. The Storm God whipped his winds until he controlled the sea and its goddess.

Ekym, the child born of the storm, become the God of War.

He intensified the distain between the twin goddess who ruled over Aghalor.

He caused the elfin and human wars, and the civil war between humans.

He was the spark that brought about the War Between the Gods that almost destroyed the Heavens.

All because one god could not control his lust.

The End


This photo prompt was inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction. Every week on a Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt for Flash Fiction challenge using around 200 words based on that image.

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