Mondays Finish the Story: The Storm

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge where  a new photo and the first sentence of a story is provided each week. This Flash Fiction is a carry over from Sunday Photo Fiction.

I’m supposed to use the sentence provided as the leading sentence, but in this case, I used the sentence (in bold) later in the story.


The storm swept off the Great Waters through Miner Hill Town and into the mountains. Waves rose up, crashing into and over the town, carrying away everything that was not attached to the ground. Waves swept into the mines flooding the tunnels. 2015-05-25-bw-beacham

Some say the storm was a product of a lover’s quarrel. In truth it was another example of gods who care little for the safety of mortals.

But for all the damage the storm did, it also brought peace.

A miner’s life is hard, descending below ground before dawn and returning after sunset. They are dusty, tired and died before they learn the joy of life.

Now the only residents remaining in the small town of Miners Hill are spirits. As spirits, they are up with the sun and up with the moon with no need to rest or descend into the mountain. There are no more long days of work, but an eternity of joy and one long party in defiance of the gods and their petty ways.

The end


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