Here is a heart warming story about unexpected commitment and the rewards of love.

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Sometimes a Miracle Comes Along

My girls had talked me into fostering when a friend of theirs needed a home. It was not a part of my life’s plan, but life happens when you least expect it too. We didn’t realize at the time how much that decision would change our lives.

The biggest change came Christmas day 1996. It was a typical Christmas day. We had breakfast, opened gifts and had put the turkey in the oven. The new karaoke machine was getting a work out when the phone rang.

It was a foster care worker asking if we would be willing to take care of a baby who had been born a week ago. I emphatically said “No! we don’t take babies”. I couldn’t care for a baby when I went back to work after the holidays. The worker was persistent telling me the family had requested we…

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