Kevin Cooper’s newest blog Indie Books Emporium

Kevin Cooper of Great Indie Authors has started a sister blog. This post is an interview about Kevin’s new blog site.

Kevin, you’ve started a new blog. What’s its name and purpose?

Hi Phyllis, it’s great to be here highlighted on your blog again! Indie Books Emporium is my new site and its main purpose is to connect authors to readers and vice versa.

How is it different from Great Indie Authors?

The key features are completely different to indie authors. First of all, I do not post interviews, book reviews or have an Author of the Month feature on Indie Books Emporium. I do those exclusively on Great Indie Authors. One thing the two sites do have in common is the posting of book trailers.

By now, you’re probably wondering what Indie Books Emporium can really offer? Indie Books Emporium focuses mostly upon, books, hence the title. Its book page displays an author’s books in a slideshow widget engineered through Amazon Associates, providing a stunning presentation with direct links to purchase the author’s books on Amazon. Each of the slideshow widgets are divided by genre. In addition to this, Indie Books Emporium posts a short bio of the author with their latest book cover and further links to the author’s own website/blog each time they submit a work. Finally, in addition to offering the upload of a book trailer, Indie Books Emporium allows the author the chance to submit their Press Release about new books they are about to release.

As you can see, both sites are quite different, but each has its unique way of promoting the author’s works.

There are so any book websites, why another? What do you hope to accomplish?

Yes, as with indie books, there are a lot of book sites out there and while some are really good, from my own experience, most are absolute rubbish. Similar rules apply to websites as they do to books. For example, if an author doesn’t put the effort into getting their book edited, use an attractive cover and develop a good blurb, they’re not going to get a lot of interest. I put a lot of time and effort into both of my sites, which is what makes them very attractive and keeps authors and readers wanting to come back for more.

My sister site is brand new so it needs time to gather a solid regular following, but I’m confident that it will even as Great Indie Authors has done because I will be putting in just as much effort. Why another, you ask? I didn’t want to cramp everything into one site, plus the sister site is on blogger which has features that allows me to do the things I want, that WordPress doesn’t. Additionally, being on Blogspot opens up my free services to a whole new realm of bloggers who for their own reasons prefer Blogspot over WordPress and then, like myself there are those of us who see the value in both.

What I hope to accomplish is to provide free quality services to indie authors worldwide and to bring authors and readers together through two great sites.

Tell us about the author bios on the site.

The author bios are a way of quickly introducing the author who has submitted a work to Indie Books Emporium and it gives the author a chance to provide a link to their own website/blog. They can do this each time they upload a new book, so that their bios don’t get lost in the flow of posts. Posts keep things fresh, hence the reason I chose this method to introduce rather than on a page.

Compare to the interviews on Great Indie Authors, the bios are very short. Why?

Interviews and Bios are two different things. My interviews, on Great Indie Authors, while they provide a brief bio, focus mainly upon the author’s work, how it came about, challenges, research, writing habits etc. On Indie Books Emporium the bio is simply that, a short bio to both alert the reader that a new book has been uploaded and to provide a little info about the author. A teaser so that if the reader wants to learn more about the author, they will be hopefully be enticed to check out the author’s website/blog. If I gave away everything in the post, they would have no reason to do that, would they? You’ve got me giving away my secrets now Phyllis! 😉 😀

As usual, great interview, Kevin. ;0)

Since the writing of this blog, Kevin Cooper has closed down the above blogs. He is now concentrating on his writing & music at KC Books & Music.


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