Mondays Finish the Story: Zeus

Mondays Finish the Story posts a photo and the first line of the story of which I’m to finish. But I have trouble getting that line at the every beginning of my story. It shows up, just not at the beginning. You’ll find it, it’s in italic.


“There are no god’s. Not the one, not a gaggle, not a flock, none. Not one,” the red headed sailor said.2015-06-08-bw-beacham

“How dare you.”

“Yeah? Prove it.”

The older gentlemen drank the last of his beer, slammed it down on the table and staggered to his feet, and bellowed at the top of his voice, “Come ye gods of old, and appear to this fool and prove him a . . . a fool.” None came.

“Well, I do believe the dead heard you, but not no gods.”

The barroom burst into laughter.

“Sir, it is one thing to deny the gods, it is another to insult one to his face.”

The room was full of teary-eyed merriment. One poor chap fell from his chair to roll on the floor in laughter.

The old one raised an arm to demand another beer. He belched instead.

If possible, the room laughed even harder.

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it. He snapped his fingers. Lightening streaked out of the one corner of the ceiling across the room to his mug.

The room became instantly silent.

The glass did not shatter. It was filled with beer, topped with foam in a frosted glass.

Now everyone in the room was on the floor in fear.

Zeus reached for his mug. “Gets them every time.”

The End


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