Sunday Photo Fiction: Best Friends for All Time

“It’s time.” Edward raised his arms as if to embrace the scene before him. It was a moment of great pride. To date no109-06-june-14th-2015 one but he had been able to do what he’d just accomplished. His name would dominate the history books.

“What do you mean, ‘It’s time?’” Ward asked. He stood with his hands on his hips.

“I mean it’s taken years to get here, at this particular moment.”

“It’s been five minutes.”

“Technically . . .”

“Technically? Physically, it was five minutes.”

In great disappointment, Edward dropped his arms. The moment had passed. “The trip was five minutes, but what about the years of planning and the time it took to build the machine?”

I built the machine then we thought of a use for it.”

“I built it,” Edward said.

“Technicality,” Ward said.

“I should have come without you. Then I could have stood over your grave and laughed.”

Ward walked off.

“Where are you going?” Edward asked.

“To stand over your grave and laugh. We’re both dead remember.”

At a moment of recklessness, Edward had thought it would be a brilliant idea to have Ward as a best friend. But he’d forgotten what a stuffed shirt he was and a pain about everything. Ward thought he was smarter and better than everyone else in the world. What had Edward been thinking?

Edward was above and far beyond brilliant. He’d built a time machine. And of all the places he chose first to go and of all the people he chose to visit and take with him on his travels, he chose his younger self.

Evidently Edward wasn’t as brilliant as he thought. He suddenly realized just how narcissistic he was.

At every age.

The End