Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors

While browsing the internet, I found a great article on Publisher’s Weekly about Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors. Unfortunately it won’t let me share the article to my blog. I copy pasted the introduction here and then posted the address to read the rest of the article.

All blogs are not created equal — especially when it comes to those about self-publishing. Many are written by authors who are primarily interested in selling their books, others by “experts” who want to sell their services, and then there are those that are so chock full of entertaining stories and down-to-earth, practical advice that you can’t afford to miss them, even if they also might happen to suggest you purchase their books or services.

At BookWorks we have a few favorites. This doesn’t mean that there are not dozens of other great blogs out there for indie authors. Of course there are. It is just that these particularly appeal to us.

What we value most in a blog, by the way, is passion on the part of the creator, extensive knowledge of all aspects of self-publishing, consistency, and clean, clear, entertaining prose. All of these blogs meet those standards, and they can have a huge, positive impact on your self-publishing success if you let them. Here they are:

I found the article interesting, hope you will too.