Presenting Indie Author Seumas Gallacher


In one of his blog pages titled “True Lies ‘N Author Stuff” Seumas Gallacher gives a brief history of his life. He’s traveled all over the world in pursuit of his career in finance. He is now a successful author with a great sense of humor.

He calls me Authoress and I call him Seumas the Humorous.

Here is an interview about him and his novels.


The header on your blog is a combination of photos of you with different expressions. How did that came about?

 SG : My great pal and writing buddy, Jody Ballard, took these photos plus the video clip for You Tube which sits at the side bar of my blog. She claims she wanted to show the universe what I really look like… I told her to take them from my ‘Johnny Depp’ side… oh, well…


We can tell by your blog posts that you have a good sense of humor. Did you develop you humor on your own or did you inherit it from a family member?

 SG : Humour is a common weapon/cum/armour found in communities from slum areas around the world. My upbringing in the Docklands, Govan area of Glasgow in the 1950s had smart-ass comedians in every tenement closemouth. The Scots are supposedly granted dry, black humour as part of an operation immediately after birth… it’s called a ‘taking-the-piss-ectomy’…


You traveled all around the world. What’s your favorite place?

SG : There are so many, from different stages of my life, but I suppose the stronger the relationship with people in certain locations, I believe the warmer the memories of them. For example, the latter part of my teens was spent on the Hebridean Island of Mull in Scotland, among truly magical, Gaelic-speaking, Celtic people. Latterly, Hong Kong probably holds pride of place for its sheer nonstop vitality and work ethic. The wonderful folks in the Philippines are also so special, perpetually overcoming human and natural tragedy with a constant smile… LUV ‘EM!…


Did any of those world adventures inspire your novels?

SG: Without doubt… experiences, events, people, characters, accent sounds, wit, laughter, all contribute to the melding of an author’s psyche, and can’t help subliminally and directly being translated to the writing…


Who is Jack Calder and why is he your main character?

SG: Jack Calder is a product of the hard side of Govan life, where he grew up… he’s good-looking, six-feet two, blue-eyed, and fair-haired… so I guess, it’s easy to see I’ve stylised him from my bedroom mirror… what???… look, if I can’t emulate Johnny Depp??,?… cut me some slack, here, Phyllis…


Do you plan to continue with Jack Calder?

SG : Jack and the rest of the population of the series have taken up residence in what’s left of my wee grey cells… I think it’s more likely they would give me away rather than the reverse….


Do you have any other series in mind? If so can you give us a hint?

SG : At present, no alternative series in mind, but more to follow about Jack and Co.,… I do have one story of a more ‘literary’ JONGGR, and that’s been percolating in my head for the past six years…. when it’s time for it to come out, it will…


What has been your greatest challenge as a writer?

SG : On a practical basis, restricting the extent of choices to be present on the social networks… there are only so many hours in the day, two hands and one (1/2?) brain… getting the focus on these correct is a constant issue to juggle with the actual writing of the novels…


You’ve written Self-Publishing Steps to Successful Sales. Give us one good suggestion on marketing. Then tell us why Indie authors should buy your book.

SG : Be present!… I lay no claim to being a guru on the social networks, but I have used a handful of these networks to ‘build the platform’ for my readership and exposure… I have DIRECT access connections to over 20,000 people now, and I have come to know thousands of them closely over the last several years… great friends and mutual supporters… the SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES tells how I got there…




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Here is how you can find Seumas Gallacher and his novels:


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Here is what the book jacket says about Seumas Gallacher’s next book and the promo banner of the cover.(Art work to follow)




The discovery of a woman’s mutilated torso in a rubbish bin in the north of England sparks a twisting series of events for Jack Calder, a former SAS officer, and his colleagues at their specialist security firm, International Security Partners (ISP).

Jack’s offer to help an old buddy’s son escape a framed murder charge, leads ISP from Manchester and London, across Europe into Lithuania and the mountains of Tajikistan hunting down the peddlers of illicit synthetic drugs, murder and prostitution rings.

Corruption at the highest levels in European police forces and political hierarchies call for the ISP’s black ops skills to combat the growing global menace of drugs on city streets.

A Jack Calder novel.


…thanks for having me aboard, m’Lady, Authoress, Phyllis… LUV YEEZ!


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