Editing: the Bane of Every Novel

It’s because there are so many words. Every time a novel is proofed, there’s something more to be corrected. And just when you think you’ve got them all, someone else comes along to let you know there are more errors. ;0(

Actually, I grateful for the wonderful friends who have kindly proofed my novel.

I published Pegasus Colony under the assumption that all proofing had been taken care of, but no. A school teacher friend returned my book with many proofing errors. I was horrified, but very thankful.

I made the corrections before I uploaded to Amazon. I thought I was save, but no.

Barbra of Mondays Finish the Story kindly contacted me to ask if I was interested in her sending me a few error that she’d found while reading Pegasus colony. With a heavy sigh, I said yes.

The sign was not directed towards Barbara, but to the thought that proofing seems to be a never ending process. So once again, I’ve made corrections and have up loaded the cleanest updated version, until the next time.

The good news, I’ve learn from my mistakes. I have a better plan in place for the next time around.

It doesn’t seem like much, having errors. But it does matter. It sets the reputation of the author. No mater how good the story, people remember sloppy editing. It’s distracting and becomes annoying. Readers stop reading and won’t look for the next book.

A badly proofed novel gives all Indie authors a bad name.

I understand that a professional editor is expensive. Especially since you should hire three different professions. So here’s my suggestion.

Everyone has friends who are great proof readers. They catch every little detail and want to correct it. Have three or four of those friends read your manuscript. Take them one at a time. After each editing give the revised copy to the next person. Once you’re satisfied, hire a professional for the last reading.

Find the professional you plan to use, get a quote and start saving up now. It’s one of the best things you can do for you story.

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