What Inspires Authors? by Phyllis Moore

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Silver is kicking back and enjoying this lovely Thursday. In the meantime, she has a friend she would like everyone to meet! Here is Phyllis, from MythRider who is going to discuss how authors find inspiration for their writing. Welcome, Phyllis!

Author, Phyllis Moore

The historian sits at his desk and writes every deed, every thought so as not to be forgotten.

The historian preserves all that is important from the beginning of time, heroes to be remembered to the mundane we wish to forget.

Every scientific find is documented from first thought to proof of fact.

From a peasant’s birth to a king’s death, a historian writes it all down, every fact.

No detail is too insignificant for a historian.

I’m a historian or rather I’m an author. I preserve the lives of heroes and villains. I write about science and magic and record life on alien planets as…

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