Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

Since the beginning of time, we’ve gazed at the stars and wondered if there is life on other plants. Nasa is in search of single cell life to learn what might have once been or what might be future possibilities.

SETI or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is on the hunt for aliens, be they friend or foe.

Prof. Steven Hawkins and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner have teamed up to fund a ten-year project to find our closest neighbors. Read More …

CT001-PegasusColony-PhyllisMoorenewIn Pegasus Colony, Earth finally makes first contact with aliens. Only the aliens are the descends of the first humans to land on the plant.

During their 328 years of isolation, the colonists have undergone Genetic divergence and are no longer fully human. The alien environment and something they’ve eaten has changed them. Now the change is braking down their DNA. They are a people destined for extinction unless scientists from Earth can discover the cause and cure. But time is running out. Of the several thousand who once thrived in the colony less than 250 still live and except for two, all others are infected.