Mondays Finish the Story: Mates

Mondays Finish the Story is a weekly photo prompt, writing challenge where the first line is included, which is in italic.



I see absolutely everything. I know absolutely everything.”

“You are so full of it.”

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“Come on man, I’m having a moment here.”

“You’re having a fraud, that’s what you’re having.”

“So you don’t believe.”

“In you? No.”

“You’re supposed to me my mate, man.”

“I know you, mate.”

“Well for your information, I can see the future.”

“Since when.”

“I’ll prove it.”

“Go a head.”

“You’re about to take a nap.”

Harry laughed hard. “You idiot, I’ve never taken a nap.”

“Well, today you will.”

“And I suppose your all seeing eye has told you this.”

“Yap.” Charles smiled mischievously.

“And at the end of the day, when I don’t take a nap, you’ll be wrong.”

Charles’ smile turned serious and before Harry had time to react, Charles slugged him in his glass jar.

Harry went down hard. Out cold.

“See? Napping like a baby. I see all. I know all — told ya.”

The End


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