Sunday Photo Fiction: Racing Challenge

They laughed when she said a girl could race as good as any boy.

“Don’t have the balls,” they said.

She never wanted to race, but she took the challenge.

They laughed when she lost her first race.123-09-september-27th-2015

They laughed when she crashed her first car.

But she ran the circuit, made her way up the ranks.

Then she took first place three times in one year.

She took second and third for most of the races of the same year.

After making her point, she hung up her racing keys and lets her husband drive.

And when she says a woman can race as good as a man, no one laughs.

The End


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Racing Challenge

  1. Way to prove a point that some of us never doubted!

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