Sunday Photo Fiction: The Window


The Window

“We didn’t mean anything.”

“It was a dare.”

“We don’t believe in other worlds.”

“So you three boys don’t believe in alternate universes?”

The boys looked up at the officer and gulped.

“They’re not even like us.”

“They’re all one species.”

“Yea, they’re monkeys.”

“Hey, what’s wrong a monkey?” A flat foot joined the conversation.

“They’re hairless,” the oldest boy said.

“An entire world of naked monkeys?” Monkey flat foot made a guttural groan of disapproval.

“They wear cloth,” the second boy said.

“You boys know an awful lot about a world you don’t believe in,” the presiding officer said.

The boys stopped talking.

“What?” the officer asked monkey flat foot.

“What do we do about tiger boy? His head is stuck in the dimensional window.”

“How many humans have seen him?”

“A fair amount.”

“Make a cast of his face and switch it with him.”

Flat foot turned to leave.

“And,” the officer continued.

Flat foot stopped.

“Seal the window to the other world.” He looked at giraffe, leopard and bonny boy. “We don’t want anyone else getting stuck in the window and leaving their impressions behind. Do we?”

“No, sir,” the boys chimed.

The End


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

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