New Perspectives

logoI had lunch with Ian Leask. Ian Graham Leask and Gary L. Lindberg co-own a publishing company called Calumet Editions. Along with being a publishing company the authors help each other with marketing. They have writing workshops and writing coaches.

I asked for the lunch with Ian to gleam an hour of his wisdom. Halfway through lunch, the conversation changed.


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As we talked, he looked my book over. He checked out the cover,  and read back jacket. He looked at the opening pages, the back pages and read about the next book in the trilogy. Inside, he looked at chapter pages and the book’s fonts.

All the while he asked me question about the book, my sales, my marketing and future books.

He became interested in  the possibility of him publishing my novels.

When we parted, he took Pegasus Colony with him so one of his editors could read it and said he’d get back to me next month.

I’ve gotten great reviews from several people who’ve read Pegasus Colony. I’m often asked when the next book is coming out. Let’s hope, the editor likes it as much as my fans do.