The Gods of Tauger

The Gods of Tauger

There was nothing. Only darkness. Naw was alone and he was lonely.

From out of his heart he pulled T’Dra.

She danced and laughed with the joy of life. Twinkles splashed from her eyes and tumbled across the sky.

“How beautiful,” D’Tra exclaimed. She pulled more twinkles and filled the sky with sparkles of light.

T’Dra became the Keeper of the Stars.


Naw then pulled Nezz into existence.

Nezz marveled at his sister’s stars. “Might I have just one?” he asked.

“Yes, but why?”

“They decorate the sky, but none truly give light.” He reached out and pulled a star closer. The ball of fire dispelled the darkness and brought warmth.

Nezz became the Sun God.


When his star shone, T’Dra collected the stars in a black bag. At night she opened the bag and swished it across the sky, letting the night lights out.


Next Naw pulled Epheren into existence.

Epheren knelt before Naw and said, “My father, I honor you and all that you are. I give you a place to walk.”

Molten rock flowed from Epheren’s hand. The world Tauger was formed, with mountains, valley and wide-open spaces. Epheren made Tauger to orbit around Nezz’s star.

Epheren became the Volcano God

And Naw had a place to rest his feet.


Surrah came next. She saw T’Dra’s stars, Nezz’s sun and Epheren’s world.

“There is no light to mark the night,” she declared.

She placed a moon in the sky to circle Tauger.

Surrah became the Moon Goddess.


Nezz and Surrah would be the first to join and give birth to a child who would become a goddess.

Naw declared, “All is as it should be.”


When Salena came she looked upon the inhospitable rock so named Tauger and wept. Her tears became rain that fell all around the world until the lakes, rivers and oceans were filled with water.

Epheren smiled. “Much better, my sister.”

Salena became the Sea Goddess and would make her home in the depths of her ocean.


Irena came next.

She walked on Tauger’s hard, crested rock. Everywhere she placed her foot, the rock became rich soil. From the soil sprang grasslands, and magnificent trees, and meadows full of flowers.

Four legged creatures walked the land, birds flew in the skies and fish swam in the seas.

Irena became the Goddess of all Living Things.

Naw walked Tauger. He saw the lands, oceans, plants, animals, and declared, “Well done my children.”


The Gods of Tauger thought all was complete and were prepared to enjoy their creations.

Naw knew better.


Once more Naw reached into his heart and pulled Humera from the very depths.

Humera saw all that his brothers and sisters had created and said, “This is an emptily world.”

Humera began to make statues. They were tall and graceful to live among the forests, short and stalky to live in the mountains. He made statues of hunters, craftsmen and tillers of the land. There were winged creatures, large and small to fly in the skies, and creatures to swim in the waters.

He placed his statues all over Tauger then stood back to admire his work.

“What are those?” Nezz asked.

“They are elves, fairies, pixies, dwarfs, humans, merpeople, and sea fairies,” Humera said.

“But what are they for?” Selena asked.

“How can we be gods if there are none to worship us?” Humera asked.

“But they are statues,” Selena said.

Humera breathed. His breath moved over the lands, through the trees, into the mountains and across the seas. Everywhere his breathe moved mortals came into being and they worshiped the gods.

Naw lifted his head and laughed. “Extraordinary.”


Time pasted. Naw greatly enjoyed his children and their creations, but he was still alone. There was none to equal him, none to stand at his side.

From his forehead, he pulled Kartra.

She was more radiant than all his children. She was his equal the only one who dared to stand at his side.

The others bowed to Naw, the Father of the Gods, and his Queen, the Mother Goddess.


“My husband,” Kartra said, “it is not right that the Father of the Gods has not a place to rest his head.”

High above Tauger, Kartra gathered the clouds. Upon the clouds she built a palisade for the gods to live. A place for galas, to drink wine, dance and have great banquets.


All was well, until was born Vacita. She became the Lady of the Lake. And there began the war between the gods, for even gods have desires that fester in the darkness of heart, desires that should never see the light.

The End

    * * *

Fast forward to October 2018.

I forgot that I’d posted this until I saw that people are again reading it. I’ve since changed the title to From Out of the Darkness. Sounds a little ominous, but it’s not. Naw steps out of the darkness into the light and creates the gods who will create Taugor and everything on it.

From Out of the Darkness is the next novella in The Destiny Series. Tauger is the world they crated. Aghular is the land were The Destiny Series is told.

Your Journey of The Destiny Series begins with the novella, My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, which is available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

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